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My Name is Steve Lang, and I own Curry Printing in West Springfield. Thanks for visiting our site!

When my Dad and I opened in 1976, I noticed many printers at the time had a cartoon featured in their showrooms. You may have seen it. The caption read "You want it when?" It had a couple of colorful cartoon characters rolling on the floor holding their stomachs and laughing. That might have been funny, but I thought it was a terrible way to run a printing business.

Tight deadlines happen. Some say that if it wasn't for the last minute, nothing would get done. We say that if it wasn't for the last minute, we would not have lasted in business for the last 40 years. Our customer's deadline is our deadline, NO EXCUSES.

Why not give us a try? Like many of our existing customers, I think you will be happy with the way you are treated.

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